Samsquantch's Hideaway Episode September 23, 2015

Fall Equinox

6:30pm - 8:00pm

Samsquantch's Hideaway Fall Equinox edition!

Track Listing:

hippy in the city
babysitter · babysitter
katie, katie, katie
mandates · in the back of your heart
hello hello
forgotten rebels · this ain't hollywood
fist city · everything is a mess
rescue don
NEEDS · s/t
electric chair
tough age · play cub's hot dog day
need a wave
jeffie genetic and his clones · killed by jeff
your disciple
bum · need a smash sensation
we've got it wrong
fashionism · quit looking at the time 7"
lost & found
sonic avenues · mistakes
wait for your number
steve adamyk band · third
(it's gonna be) alright
thee manipulators · ease up on the breakdowns
softess · s/t
shine a light
wolf parade · apologies to the queen mary
when i was fun
slow learners · grow on you
i don't always know what you're saying
ladyhawk · shots
woolworm · everything seems obvious