Samsquanch's Hide-away Episode April 4, 2018

B A S E B A L L ! ! !

6:35pm - 8:00pm

if i enjoyed myself u should too! (actually not really... u could love mumford and sons and hence we have nothing in common... it's cool if u don't dig my show. peace man!)

Track Listing:

hot knives
partner · single
chains of love · strange grey days
lord knows best
alex zhang hungtai · badlands
the dugout
ladyhawk · s/t
needles//pins · good night, tomorrow
you're the best
champion lawnmower · babies
anna's gone
brutal poodle · long time no see
slow learners · s/t
(i hope your) money (keeps you warm)
vancougar · canadian tuxedo
talk 2 her
sam coffey & iron lungs · s/t
woolworm · everything seems obvious
sore points · don't want to 7'
hot hot heat · make up the breakdown
trucker's atlas
modest mouse · the lonesome crowded west