Samsquanch's Hide-away Episode October 4, 2017

listen to me make mistakes

6:30pm - 8:00pm

mistakes enough for everyone ! ! !

Track Listing:

change of heart
tom petty and the heartbreaker · long after dark
jawbreaker · unfun
all the same
needles//pins · good night, tomorrow
ms. lefevre
maow · the unforgiving sounds of...
the screen
slow learners · grow on you
talk 2 her
sam coffey & the iron lungs · s/t
are you on the inside or the outside of your pants
the makers · pychopathia sexualis
electric band
wild flag · s/t
house arrest
catlow · pinkly things
red leaves
catlow · pinkly things
carry the zero
built to spill · keep it like a secret
hot and cold
ex hex · 7"
front to back
steve adamyk band · monterrey 7"
please listen to my demo
EPMD · unfinished business
sore points · don't want to
the waiting
tom petty and the heartbreakers · hard promises