Samsquanch's Hide-away Episode February 22, 2017

miss me?

6:30pm - 8:00pm

i'm back. whatev.

Track Listing:

the evaporators · ogopogopunk
let's go boogaloo
5678s · teenage mojo workout
glad rags · smile
so what
the pack ad · positive thinking
vancougar · au naturel
18 wheels
the murder city devils · empty bottles, broken hearts
especially you
smugglers · selling the sizzle
wasted days
cloud nothings · attack on memory
c'mon c'mon
von bondies · pawn shoppe heart
shine a light
wolf parade · apologies to the queen mary
shine a light
constantines · shine a light
woolworm · everything seems obvious
ain't clean
poor form · demo
i'm splittin'
mandlebaums · take it up a notch
back in the day
fashionism · back in the day 7"
one shot
fashionism · back in the day 7"
be alone
sore points · demo
caravan breakers, they prey on the weak and the old
frog eyes · tears of the valedictorian