Samsquanch's Hide-away Episode November 30, 2016

found my old case of cd's

6:32pm - 8:00pm

dang, we went waaay back. lotsa old but good stuff!

Track Listing:

the modernettes · last call: vancouver independent music 1977-88
won't have to worry (modernettes cover)
fastbacks · oh canaduh lance rock records
call it progress
STATIONa · the wasp factory
the message
duotang · smash the ships and raise the beams
three steps backward
new town animals · mint records presents the cbc radio 3 sessions
pure · generation 6-pack
making time
tricky woo · syrup & gasoline vol 1
couch surfing
the tubuloids · getting weird
good drugs
brat kings · 7"
she knows
average time · s/t
poor form · citr pop alliance, vol 4
having an average weekend
shadowy men on a shadowy planet · savvy show stoppers
skinny little arms made of paper
the parallels · la-ti-da records singles 2006-12
wicked and weird
buck 65 · talkin' honky blues
late nite mating dance
ashtray boy · the euro
puerto rico
thrush hermit · sweet homewrecker
two day rule
the black rainbows · i met this chick