Samsquanch's Hide-away Episode June 15, 2016

summer solstice - almost

6:30pm - 8:00pm

vancougar's last show: june 25th at wise hall. GO!

Track Listing:

kids at school
vancougar · losin' it! losin' it! losin' it!
way it's gon' be
vancougar · losin' it! losin' it! losin' it!
fist city · single
ballad of rey ordonez
isotopes · the first four seasons
continuous thunder
japandroids · celebration rock
so much better when you're gone
apollo ghosts · landmark
high dials · in the a.m. wilds
gore veil
deadly snakes · porcella
strangle the shadows
mode moderne · occult delight
he's leaving (with me)
chains of love · strange grey days
shackled soul
kid koala · the slew - 100%
shadow dance / i wouldn't
ben disaster · see you next spring
cub · box of hair
not happy
jale · dreamcake
slow learners · 7"
meat legs
glad rags · smile