Samsquanch's Hide-away Episode July 30, 2008

Broadcast on 30-Jul-2008

6:30pm - 8:00pm

listen to the chaos that ensues when a dj brings her 2 very small kids to the station to do her show! let's hope daddy doesn't work the afternoon shift again anytime soon!

Track Listing:

in my life
the monoxides · galaxy of stooges
tristan psionic · tpa flight 028
in a cave
tokyo police club · elephant shell
magic 8 ball
cub · box of hair
violent dreams
thrush hermit · clayton park
hitch hike
the poumons · by surprise
the battles · the good jacket presents... vancouver special
the hazards of sitting beneath palm trees
hayden · the closer i get
salmonblaster · s/t
(i hope your) money (keeps you warm)
vancougar · canadian tuxedo
i don't always know what you're saying
ladyhawk · shots
hard feelings
constantines · kengsington heights
gone for good
the gruesomes · tyrants of teen trash
moon socket · do you want to talk all night? a sappy records tribute to snailhouse
birds and bees
rick white · sappy records tribute
sarah hallman · sappy records tribute
the acorn · sappy records tribute