Russian Tim Show Episode April 4, 2024

Episode #415, Punkspring 2024 review

9:05am - 10:02am

Hello Hello Hello!

I'm back! Listened to bunch of new music during my vacation and played some of my favourite new tunes by Snuff, Cock Sparrer, Reconciler, Jon Snodgrass and Noi!se.

Then I shared my experience of visiting Punkspring 2024 in Tokyo, Japan. It was an absolutely incredible experience going to a punk rock show in Japan. I saw NOFX, Hi-Standard, Sum41, Zebrahead and The Damned.

And then I previewed Early Onset Records Series 2 Pressing Drive @ Redgate this Friday -

Track Listing:

Give Up the Grudge
GOB · Foot in Mouth Disease
Snuff · Off on the Charabanc
I Belong To You
Cock Sparrer · Hand On Heart
Art for Our Sake
Reconciler · Art For Our Sake
Your First Rodeo
Jon Snodgrass · Barge At Will
NOi!SE · Liam
Stay Gold
Hi-Standard · Making the Road
Still Waiting
Sum 41 · Does This Look Infected?
Cool And Unusual Punishment
NOFX · Wolves in Wolves' Clothing
White Weapon
AANTHEMS · New Ruins
Unfinished Business
Swear Jar · Swear Jar II
This I Know
BOSSES · We Died Here
The Dog Indiana · Burnt Ends
Grain Entrapment
Warm · Death Ron
Only Crime · To The Nines