Russian Tim Show Episode February 29, 2024

Episode #413

9:06am - 9:52am

Hello Hello Hello!

My friend Steve Kitchen recommended me a band from Wales called Cartoon Violence from Wales and that inspired the first block of music with their song Who You Know and SuperHITs by Buster Shuffle, Wonk Unit and Madness.

And then I previewed a show happening at Red Gate this Friday featuring The Greatest Sons, Contra Code, Campfire Shitkickers, Indication and Sinking Season from Seattle, WA.

Track Listing:

Leap Year
Heart Attack Man · Thoughtz & Prayerz
Who You Know
Cartoon Violence · Tit For Tat
Brothers and Sisters
Buster Shuffle · Do Nothing
Girlfriend Is a Lunatic
Wonk Unit · Flying The Japanese Flag
John Jones
Madness · The Dangermen Sessions Vol. 1
With My Guitar
The Greatest Sons · When the Music Will End
No Friends Here
Contra Code · Friday Junior
For All the Dickheads
Campfire Shitkickers · Parole Models
Drunk on Chablis
Indications · Indications
Sinking Season · The Wolves
Sum 41 · 13 Voices