Russian Tim Show Episode November 30, 2023

Episode #405, Interview with Shame Spiral

9:02am - 9:52am

Hello Hello Hello!

This episode features new SuperHITs by Fog and Lasers, Tightwire, Frenzal Rhomb, The Brokedowns, The Raging Nathans and Shenki.

Then I did an interview with Chris van der Laan who runs a record label Boat Dreams From The Hill and the new band I am in called Shame Spiral. We released an album called "Dictaphone Future" and we're playing an Album Release show on Saturday, December 2nd @ The Lido.

I also previewed Dead Bob and The Vicious Cycles.

Track Listing:

Obsolete Absolute
Lagwagon · Hang
You're Late
Fog and Lasers · Fog and Lasers 3
Smoke Machine
Tightwire · Head Full Of Snakes
Thought It Was Yoga But It Was Ketamine
Frenzal Rhomb · The Cup of Pestilence
Chakra Updates
The Brokedowns · Maximum Khaki
And You Know I Know
The Raging Nathans · Still Spitting Blood
Mir Obrechen
Shenki · Kompleks & Syndrom
Shame Spiral · Dictaphone Future
A Vy Mogli By
Shame Spiral · Dictaphone Future
Just Breathe
Dead Bob · Life Like
Keep Your Hands Off of my Bike
The Vicious Cycles · The Strange and Terrible Saga of?.?.?.
Sum 41 · Chuck