Russian Tim Show Episode October 19, 2023

Episode #402

9:00am - 9:56am

Hello Hello Hello!

In this episode, I previewed FEST 21 in Gainesville and played tracks by Dillinger Four, Rebuilder, Lone Wolf, Tightwire, Debt Neglector, Debt Bars, The Iron Roses, The Losing Score and The Burnt Tapes.

And previewed a local show at Red Gate which features Dead End Drive-In, Contra Code, Die Job and Johnny Nocash.

Track Listing:

Dillinger Four · Civil War
Hold On
Rebuilder · Local Support
Begging Me
Lone Wolf · Haze Wave
Six Feet Deep
Tightwire · Six Feet Deep
Least I Could Do
Debt Neglector · Dirty Water
Just Fine
Dead Bars · Split w/ Sunshine State
Screaming for a Change
The Iron Roses · The Iron Roses
Peachy Keen, Avril Lavigne
The Losing Score · Learn To Let This Go
Working For The Weekend
The Burnt Tapes · Working For The Weekend
Before I Start Noticing
Dead End Drive-In · A Worthwhile Endeavour
Put Some Flames On It
Contra Code · Friday Junior
The Ballad of Steven Sandison
Die Job · Die Job
Do You Wanna Die?
Johnny Nocash · Do You Wanna Die?
Call Your Bluff
Catbite · Nice One