Russian Tim Show Episode August 17, 2023

Episode #397

9:00am - 9:52am

Hello Hello Hello!

This episode features new Ska-Core SuperHiTs from Random, Hand, Rantanplan, Faintest Idea and Fishbone. Then I radio premiered two new songs from local shredders Contra Code. Their new album "Friday Junior" comes out on Kinda Cool Records on September 28th. And two new songs from Ex-cowboy (form Victoria, BC) and Pack Rat.

I also previewed Buyer's Remorse, The Still Spirits, Skum Shine, Johnny Trash show which is happening at Green Auto on August 19th.

Here's link to tickets:

Track Listing:

What Goes Up
The Greatst Sons · When the Music Will End
The Cycle
Random Hand · Random Hand
Alles Dreht Sich
Rantanplan · Ahoi
False Prophets
Faintest Idea · The Road to Sedition
Estranged Fruit (feat. NOFX)
Fishbone · Fishbone
Put Some Flames on It
Contra Code · Friday Junior
Friday Junior
Contra Code · Friday Junior
The Runaround
Ex-cowboy · Mr. Frog
Bite My Tongue
Pack Rat · Bite My Tongue EP
Pecking Order
Buyer's Remorse · For Those of You Who Won't Applaud
The Tonic
The Still Spirits · Going Home Alone
Bad Relationships
Skum Shine · Warm Beer & a Cold Sleeping Bag
Flogging Molly · Float