Russian Tim Show Episode August 10, 2023

Episode #396

9:00am - 9:53am

Hello Hello Hello!

This episode includes new tracks by Decent Criminal (playing in Vancouver on Sept 14, 2023), Teenage Halloween, The Penske File (playing in Vancouver on Oct 14, 2023) and Guilhem.

In the second block I did something different, I've played re-recorded hits by some of the classic punk bands. Idea started when I saw that Less Than Jake re-recorded their SuperHIT "All My Best Friends Are Metalheads". I started looking for other re-recorded versions and played songs by MxPx, Streetlight Manifesto, The Queers and The Offspring. I like re-recorded version better, but you can disagree with me and start an internet fight in comments.

And then I previewed the album release show for Warm with Danes and Anodyne. Thanks to legendary chris-a-riffic for helping me out with pronunciation. The release show is on August 11th at Red Gate, presented by Early Onset Records.

Track Listing:

Nothing With You
Descendents · Cool to Be You
Decent Criminal · There’s More To It Than Climbing
Teenage Halloween · Till You Return
We're Both Still Alive
The Penske File · Half Glow
Le Surf
Guilhem · R?é?gler La Mort
Metalheads '23
Less Tha Jake · Hello Rockview '23
MxPx · Life in General 2.0
Dear Sergio
Streetlight Manifesto · Keasbey Nights
Kicked Out Of The Webelos
The Queers · Summer Hits No. 1
Dirty Magic
The Offspring · Days Go By
All Weight
Warm · Death Ron
Treatment Life
Anodyne · Moving Parts EP
Danes · Dislocation
Looking Good
Frenzal Rhomb · Sans Souci