Russian Tim Show Episode July 13, 2023

Episode #393, Interview with Ryan (Aanthems)

9:06am - 10:01am

Hello Hello Hello!

100% Local Punk Rock episode. Great Success!

Today on the show I interviewed Ryan from the local band AANTHEMS. They released an EP titled "New Ruins" a couple of weeks ago. We spoke about the new release, Early Onset Records, recording process and the release show with Danes and Disruptions at Green Auto on July 15th. Here's a link to pre-buy tickets -

There are bunch of shows this weekend in Vancouver. Check out "Vancouver Punk Calendar" to see the full list. I previewed Chi Pigs Memorial show @ Cambie and Dadweed's last show at The Lido.

Have a fun weekend and go see some live music (if you have no other plans of course).

Track Listing:

Occasional Gardener
BRASS · Occasional Gardener
White Weapon
AANTHEMS · New Ruins
World Inferno
AANTHEMS · New Ruins
New Ruins
AANTHEMS · New Ruins
Danes · Dislocation
Tumbling Down
Bishops Green · Bishops Green
The Fomites · Radical Sabbatical
Cistern Chapel
Aversions · Base Portrait
Say What You Mean
Dadweed · I Dreamt I Was Running
Talk Show
Laverne · Yarrow
Painful Reminder
SNFU · Something Green And Leafy This Way Comes