Russian Tim Show Episode June 22, 2023

Episode #391

9:00am - 9:53am

Hello Hello Hello!

I am back from vacation and back on air after almost a month. During my vacation I have been listening non-stop to new Frenzal Rhomb album. I am bias because I truly love this band, but if you like them but haven't checked out their new record "The Cup of Pestilence" I highly recommend. So obviously I played a track off that album, I picked song called The Wreckage, as well as new tracks by The Raging Nathans, The Brokedowns, Tightwire and Brutal Youth.

There also was a few cool new local releases and I played new tracks by The Greatest Sons, AANTHEMS and Selfist. And I previewed Raygun Cowboys and Another Joe shows.

Track Listing:

Free Time
The Aggrolites · Reggae Hit L.A.
The Wreckage
Frenzal Rhomb · The Cup of Pestilence
Head in a Hole
The Raging Nathans · Still Spitting Blood
Honk If You're Horny
The Brokedowns · Maximum Khaki
Bad Decisions
Tightwire · Head Full Of Snakes
The Ides
Brutal Youth · Rebuilding Year
Are We Still Friends
The Greatest Sons · When the Music Will End
World Inferno
AANTHEMS · New Ruins
Blowback Effect
Selfist · Better World Rejected
Devil on My Mind
Raygun Cowboys · Raygun Cowboys
For All The Dickheads
Campfire Shitkickers · For All The Dickheads
Another Joe · Ready or Not
Only Fans
Big City Germs · Only Fans
Until I Die
Jonny Bones · 2020 Mixtape Vol II
No Problem · And Now This