Russian Tim Show Episode May 4, 2023

Episode #388, Interview with Dannyboy (The Corps)

8:59am - 9:56am

Hello Hello Hello!

This episode was focused on my interview with Dannyboy from The Corps and a new split record that featured my aforementioned guest and Colin Pearson from (You Big Idiot). Their new Kinda-Coustic Vol.1 comes out tomorrow digitally and the vinyl comes out this fall through Kinda Cool REcords (you can pre-order a copy via the link below). And the release show is at the Wild Thing on Main this Saturday.

And I also previewed a very cool show featuring Balkan Shmalkan, The History of Gunpowder and Squamish Circus at The Wise Hall.

Track Listing:

Spell It Out
The Corps · Tales From 2814
Thorn in the Suitcase
Dannyboy · Kinda-Coustic Vol. 1
I Thought We Already Had One of Those
Colin Pearson · Kinda-Coustic Vol. 1
Dannyboy · Kinda-Coustic Vol. 1
Dannyboy · Kinda-Coustic Vol. 1
Dear Detective
The Corps · From Oblivion
Disko Boy
Balkan Shmalkan · Weapons Grade Euphonium
Greased Up in the Port
The History of Gunpowder · The Epileptic Volume 1
Pillar of Salt
The Corps · music community The Epileptic Volume 1