Russian Tim Show Episode April 13, 2023

Episode #385

9:00am - 9:47am

Hola! Hola!! Hola!!! I previewed Pavel Bures, ATD and Swear Jar EP release shows.

Track Listing:

Full Gas
Ska-P · 99%
Russian Tim and Pavel Bures · Zakat
The Ballad of Steven Sandison
Die Job · Die Job
Final Frog Bonita
Dirty Bellows · Dirty Bellows
Moonlight Clan
ATD · A Total Disappointment
Last Waltz Of The Red Shirts
Let's Go · Disposable Year
The Fomites · The Secret of the Booze
Night Drive
Seconds Flat · Cold EP
Unfinished Business
Swear Jar · Swear Jar II
Ceilings · Double Vision
Cloaker · 1995
Tearing At The Seams
poor sport · tearing at the seams
Sin tiempo para respirar
Boikot · Lágrimas de rabia