Russian Tim Show Episode January 5, 2023

Episode #374, 100% Local

9:03am - 9:55am

Hello Hello Hello!

First episode of 2023 and I decided to make it all 100% local. Quite a few locals released new music which I haven't played on the show yet and I thought the first episode of the year is a perfect opportunity to play these songs on air.

This episode features SuperHITs by Uptights, Dead End Drive-In, Invasives, Stuttr, Car Thief, The Fomites, Big Ethel, Hyaenas, Necking, Rong, Pudding, Transistor Riot and The Rebel Spell.

Track Listing:

Smoke Dissolve
Uptights · Punkouver vol. IV
Human Spirit
Dead End Drive-In · A Worthwhile Endeavour
Invasives · Feel Good Live Forever
2 B Tangoed
Stuttr · Stuck In The Muck
Car Thief · Sick
The Fomites · The Secret of the Booze
Chest Pains
Big Ethel · Jam Space Demo
It's Not Up to Me
Hyaenas · It's Not Up to Me
Big Mouth
Necking · Cut Your Teeth
Impatient Zero
Rong · Würst
Baby Tax
Pudding · Pop Over
Transistor Riot · Arson
They Know!
The Rebel Spell · Four Songs About Freedom EP