Russian Tim Show Episode October 21, 2021

Episode #353

9:04am - 9:51am

Hello Hello Hello!

Track Listing:

I Must Be Hateful
Lagwagon · Blaze
MakeWar · I'm Sure My Little Brother Never Listened to Lagwagon
Least I Could Do
Debt Neglector · Dirty Water
The Raging Nathans · Waste My Heart
Iron Chic · Catgut
The Toll
Cluttered · Accidents
Worse Than Death
The Anti-Queens · The Anti-Queens
So Blind
Strange Breed · So Blind
Thick & Thin (Acoustic)
Mobina Galore · Waiting EP
Everything I Wanted
Hanson Brothers · My Game
Who's The #1 Cop
The Hextalls · Play With Heart
(I Feel Like) (Gerry) Cheevers (Stitch Marks on My Heart)
Chixdiggit! · Chixdiggit!
Throwing in Those Weird Chords Did Wonders for The Copyrights and Dopamines (The
House Boat · The Thorns Of Life