Russian Tim Show Episode August 22, 2019

Episode #324

10:03am - 10:55am

Hello Hello Hello!

New songs by NOFX, Off With Their Heads, Western Settings, Problem Daughter and PUP. Preview of Chris-A-Riffic's 20th radioversary and new album.

Track Listing:

All The Things
Stranded Hikers · Home EP
Fish in a Gun Barrel
NOFX · Fish in a Gun Barrel
Be Good
Off With Their Heads · Be Good
Western Settings · Another Year
Gin + Mio
Problem Daughter · Grow Up Trash
Bloody Mary, Kate And Ashley
PUP · Morbid Stuff
I Found My New Name
Chris-A-Riffic · TREATS
Some Days
Wrinkles · Other Days
Garbage Dreams · Demonstrations
Escape the Law
Jerk Jails · Intra Slop
Fool's Gold
Alimony · Release
Crowd Control
Brutal Poodle · Crowd Control / Low Tide
Here Comes Devereux
None More Black · Icons