Russian Tim Show Episode June 27, 2019

Episode #318, Preview of Punk In Drublic, part 1

10:07am - 10:59am

Hello Hello Hello!

Preview of Punk In Drublic FEST in Vancouver and an interview with KJ of Chixdiggit! Also preview of DOA's 1978 album release show and interview with Joe Keithley.

Track Listing:

Seeing Double At The Triple Rock
NOFX · Wolves in Wolves' Clothing
Quit Yer Job
Chixdiggit! · Short Music for Short People
Chixdiggit! · Split w/ So-Cho Pistons
Miso Ramen
Chixdiggit! · Split w/ So-Cho Pistons
You're Pretty Good
Chixdiggit! · Pink Razors
No God, No War
DOA · 1978
Rip Dis Joint
DOA · 1978
Bored And Suicidal
DOA · 1978
The Mutant
DOA · 1978
The Prisoner
DOA · 1978