Russian Tim Show Episode March 1, 2018

Episode #265, Contra Code special

10:13am - 11:00am

Hello Hello Hello!

I did a Contra Code Special on Rocket From Russia today! I interviewed Tim Murray from the band, played whole bunch of songs from their local classic "Wasted Already", premiered new YOU BIG IDIOT song and of course played SuperHITs by Russian Tim and Pavel Bures, Aanthems and Swear Jar!

Listen and get stoked for Yer Buddy From Russia GIG#2 on Saturday!

Track Listing:

Red Ass
Contra Code · Wasted Already
You Big Idot · Mega Donair
Russian Tim and Pavel Bures · SuperHIT & The Other Song
Snap Crackle
Contra Code · Wasted Already
AANTHEMS · Die Every Night
Contra Code · Wasted Already
Road Rash
Contra Code · Wasted Already
Contra Code · Wasted Already
Due West
The Real McKenzies · Two Devils Will Talk
Break These Chains
Raygun Cowboys · Cowboy Up!
Assaulted Peanuts
Contra Code · Sickrad