Russian Tim Show Episode January 11, 2018

Episode #258

10:07am - 11:01am

Hello Hello Hello!

First block features new hits by Jeff Rosenstock (Brooklyn, NY, USA), Tiny Moving Parts (Benson, MN, USA) and Bleed American (Winnipeg, MB, Canada).

In the second block I previewed show №2 of Punk Rock Wednesday at The Cobalt which features The Corps, Uptights and Stranded Hikers.

And the final block previewed a local show at Pub340 which featured Cawama, The Getmines, Beaverette and Precious Dudes.

MASSHYSTERI - Monoton Tid [Monoton Tid]
TINY MOVING PARTS - Applause [Applause]
BLEED AMERICAN - No Rush [It Probably Isn’t]
THE CORPS - Alan [In Brightest Day]
UPTIGHTS - Satellite Heart [Time + Space]
STRANDED HIKERS - Linchpin [Demo]
CAWAMA - Feedback [Feedback]
THE GETMINES - 7-10 [The Getmines]
BEAVERETTE - East Van [Live off the Floor]
PRECIOUS DUDES - Hit In The Head With A Rock [Hit In The Head With A Rock]
THE BROKEDOWNS - Keep Branson Weird [Life Is A Breeze]

Track Listing:

Monoton Tid
Masshysteri · Monoton Tid
Jeff Rosenstock · POST-
Tiny Moving Parts · Swell
No Rush
Bleed American · It Probably Isn't
The Corps · In Brightest Day
Satellite Heart
Uptights · Time + Space
Stranded Hikers · Demo
Cawama · Feedback
The Getmines · The Getmines
East Van
Beaverette · Live off the Floor
Hit In The Head With A Rock
Precious Dudes · Hit In The Head With A Rock]
Keep Branson Weird
The Brokedowns · Life Is A Breeze