Russian Tim Show Episode December 28, 2017

Episode #256, Best of 2017

10:04am - 12:00pm

Hello Hello Hello!

Best of 2017 episode! Another great year for punk rock music. This episode includes my favorite track from my favorite releases which came out in 2017. Happy New Year!

DIRECT HIT! - We’re Coming Back (Cock Sparrer Cover) [Merry Xmas]
TEENAGE BOTTLEROCKET - Why the Big Pause [Stealing the Covers]
ROBOT BACHELOR - I’d Rather Be Washing A Dog [The Third House Boat Album]
THE LILLINGTONS - Until the Sun Shines [Project 313]
THE PRICEDUIFKES - It’s Raining Shit (Hallelujah) [Goathorse]
CALL IT OFF - Death Or Glory [Abandoned]
CAPITAL YOUTH - Chinatown [Lemonade]
THE BOMBPOPS - Sweet for Sorrow [Fear of Missing Out]
THE MENZINGERS - After the Party [After The Party]
THE FLATLINERS - Infinite Wisdom [Inviting Light]
THE SMITH STREET BAND - Forrest [More Scared Of You Than You Are Of Me]
ROZWELL KID - Wendy’s Trash Can [Precious Art]
WORRIERS - The Possibility [Survival Pop]
RANCID - An Intimate Close-Up Of A Street Punk Trouble Maker [Trouble Maker]
DROPKICK MURPHYS - First Class Loser [11 Short Stories of Pain & Glory]
BOOZE & GLORY - Days Months Years [Chapter IV]
COMEBACK KID - Somewhere, Somehow [Outsider]
DIE TOTEN HOSEN - Urknall [Laune der Natur]
DEROZER - Io Credo In Te [Passaggio a Nordest]
F.O.D. - Autism Spectrum Disorder Blues [Harvest]
MONTREAL - 120 Sekunden [Schackilacki]
ЭЛИЗИУМ - Кукла вуду [Яды]
BRUTTO - Рокі [Рокі]
HI-STANDARD - All Generations [The Gift]
ANTI-FLAG - Liar [American Fall]
THE DOPAMINES - Ire [Tales of Interest]
FRENZAL RHOMB - Don’t Cast Aspergers On Me [Hi-Vis High Tea]
FRENZAL RHOMB - The Criminals’ Airline [Hi-Vis High Tea]
COCK SPARRER - One by One [Forever]
COCK SPARRER - Family of One [Forever]
COCK SPARRER - Nothing Like You [Forever]
IRON CHIC - Ruinous Calamity [You Can’t Stay Here]

Track Listing:

We're Coming Back (Cock Sparrer)
Direct Hit! · Merry Xmas
Why The Big Pause
Teenage Bottlerocket · Stealing The Covers
I'd Rather Be Washing A Dog
Robot Bachelor · The Third House Boat Album
Until the Sun Shines
The Lillingtons · Project 313
It's Raining Shit (Hallelujah)
The Priceduifkes · Goathorse
Death Or Glory
Call It Off · Abandoned
Capital Youth · Lemonade
Sweet for Sorrow
The Bombpops · Fear Of Missing Out
After the Party
The Menzingers · After the Party
Infinite Wisdom
The Flatliners · Inviting Light
The Smith Street Band · More Scared Of You Than You Are Of Me
Wendy's Trash Can
Rozwell Kid · Precious Art
The Possibility
Worriers · Survival Pop
An Intimate Close-Up Of A Street Punk Trouble Maker
Rancid · Trouble Maker
First Class Loser
Dropkick Murphys · 11 Short Stories Of Pain & Glory
Days Months Years
Booze & Glory · Chapter IV
Somewhere, Somehow
Comeback Kid · Outsider
Die Toten Hosen · Laune Der Natur
Io credo in te
Derozer · Passaggio a Nordest
Autism Spectrum Disorder Blues
F.O.D. · Harvest
120 Sekunden
Montreal · Schackilacki
Kukla Voodoo
Elisium · Yady
BRUTTO · Rodny Krai
All Generations
Hi-Standard · The Gift
Anti-Flag · American Fall
The Dopamines · Tales Of Interest
Don't Cast Aspergers On Me
Frenzal Rhomb · Hi-Vis High Tea
The Criminals' Airline
Frenzal Rhomb · Hi-Vis High Tea
One by One
Cock Sparrer · Forever
Family of One
Cock Sparrer · Forever
Nothing Like You
Cock Sparrer · Forever
Ruinous Calamity
Iron Chic · You Can't Stay Here