Russian Tim Show Episode December 21, 2017

Episode #255, Best of 2017: Vancouver Edition

10:03am - 10:58am

Episode #255, Best of 2017: Vancouver Edition

Hello Hello Hello!

In the second last episode of the year I played my favorite tracks from local releases which came out in 2017. I wasn’t able to fit all the songs/bands I wanted to play, but I did my best.

This is a great snapshot of what have happened in Vancouver punk scene in 2017! Great Success! Happy Holidays!

THE REAL MCKENZIES - Due West [Two Devils Will Talk]
WOOLWORM - Cat Bird [Deserve To Die]
NEEDLES//PINS - Miracle [Good Night, Tomorrow]
CORNER BOYS - Be Seeing You [Just Don’t Care]
SBDC - Bad at Sex [Too Bad]
THE DREADNOUGHTS - Black and White [Foreign Skies]
ISOTOPES - Morganna [1994 World Series Champions]
SKELLS - Flaking Out [Welcome Mat EP]
INDICATIONS - Frame Error [The Joy of Being Permanently Vacant]
ANTEATER - Jack’s Hill [Smashed Antholes]
THE CORPS - The Island [Punkouver, vol. 1]
YOU BIG IDIOT - The Ted Danson Plane [Punkouver, vol. 1]
THE DEAD HITS - H.E. Double Hockey Sticks [Punkouver, vol. 1]
SHOCKLOAD - Day By Day [Punkouver, vol. 1]
ATD - Fix My Brain [Punkouver, vol. 1]
JESSE LEBOURTDAIS - Flames [Grief Intensity Friendship]

Track Listing:

Due West
The Real McKenzies · Two Devils Will Talk
Cat Bird
Woolworm · Deserve To Die
Needles//Pins · Good Night Tomorrow
Be Seeing You
Corner Boys · Just Don't Care 7''
Bad at Sex
SBDC · Too Bad
Black and White
The Dreadnoughts · Foreign Skies
Isotopes · 1994 World Series Champions
Flaking Out
Skells · Welcome Mat EP
Frame Error
Indications · The Joy of Being Permanently Vacant
Jack's Hill
AntEater · Smashed AntHoles
The Island
The Corps · Punkouver, vol. 1
The Ted Danson Plane
You Big Idiot · Punkouver, vol. 1
H.E. Double Hockey Sticks
The Dead Hits · Punkouver, vol. 1
Day By Day
Shockload · Punkouver, vol. 1
Fix My Brain
ATD · Punkouver, vol. 1
Jesse LeBourdais · Grief Intensity Friendship