Russian Tim Show Episode November 23, 2017

Episode #251, Interview with The Dreadnoughts

10:02am - 10:57am

Hello Hello Hello!

In this episode I previewed a very exciting punk rock weekend in Vancouver.

On Thursday we had Iron Chic, Off With Their Heads, Mobina Galore and Aanthems to play a show at The Cobalt.

On Friday The Dreadnoughts presented their brand new album “Foreign Skies” at the Rickshaw. I did an interview Nick and he told me how they locked themselves up in a cabin, drank cider in a hot tub and how this all ended up being their great new album “Foreign Skies”.

And the final block features bands which played AntEater’s release show at Pub 340.

FRENZAL RHOMB - Medicine Balls [Forever Malcolm Young]
IRON CHIC - A Headache With Pictures [You Can’t Stay Here]
OFF WITH THEIR HEADS - Nightlife [Home]
MOBINA GALORE - Vancouver [Feeling Disconnected]
AANTHEMS - Mikey Mikey [Die Every Night]
THE DREADNOUGHTS - Black and White [Foreign Skies]
Interview with Nick (The Dreadnoughts)
THE DREADNOUGHTS - Jericho [Foreign Skies]
THE DREADNOUGHTS - The Amiens Polka [Foreign Skies]
ANTEATER - Pleather [Smashed Antholes]
RAISED BY APES - Armed Forces [Destination Nowhere]
SELFIST - Glimmers of Hope [Dystopia Now]
REDS - Underhill [Our Freedom Day]
COCK SPARRER - England Belongs to Me [Shock Troops]

Track Listing:

Medicine Balls
Frenzal Rhomb · Forever Malcolm Young
A Headache With Pictures
Iron Chic · You Can't Stay Here
Off With Their Heads · Home
Mobina Galore · Feeling Disconnected
Mikey Mikey
AANTHEMS · Die Every Night
Black and White
The Dreadnoughts · Foreign Skies
The Dreadnoughts · Foreign Skies
The Amiens Polka
The Dreadnoughts · Foreign Skies
AntEater · Smashed Antholes
Armed Forces
Raised By Apes · Destination Nowhere
Glimmer's Hope
Selfist · Dystopia Now
REDS · Our Freedom Day
England Belongs to Me
Cock Sparrer · Shock Troops