Russian Tim Show Episode November 16, 2017

Episode #250

10:05am - 11:02am

Hello Hello Hello!

Few months ago I started a Spotify playlist called “Vancouver Punk”. This playlist of local music isn’t limited to punk rock, but limited to what is available in Spotify’s library. The goal of this playlist is to celebrate awesome local music scene we have in Vancouver and to help people discover those great local bands. I already have 150+ bands on the list right now and it keeps growing. Throughout making this playlist I discovered some new bands myself and in the first block of this episode I played those bands - Indications, No Liars, The I In Team, ViewMaster, Loans and Seven Nines and Tens.

My friends from The Corps got an awesome opening spot for local legends GOB. I did a ticket give away to that show and played their hits.

And the final block features hits by The Greatest Sons, Shockload, Dead End Drive-In, Off By An Inch who played a show at Pub 340.

FRENZAL RHOMB - Cruelty To Animals [Forever Malcolm Young]
INDICATIONS - Frame Error [The Joy of Being Permanently Vacant]
NO LIARS - Animal [The Cause And The Cure]
THE I IN TEAM - London Lullabies [Fallen Not Forgotten]
VIEWMASTER - Caved In [Alternative Classics]
LOANS - Introspect [Self Loaning]
SEVEN NINES AND TENS - Voir Dire [Habitat 67]
GOB - Oh! Ellin [Foot in Mouth Disease]
THE CORPS - The Island [Punkouver, vol. 1]
THE GREATEST SONS - 1982 [We’ll Take The Road]
SHOCKLOAD - Day By Day [Punkouver, vol. 1]
DEAD END DRIVE-IN - When We Get Older [B Movies]
OFF BY AN INCH - Complete Disaster [Demo]
BIG D AND THE KIDS TABLE - Wailing Paddle [Gipsy Hill]

Track Listing:

Cruelty To Animals
Frenzal Rhomb · Forever Malcolm Young
Frame Error
Indications · The Joy of Being Permanently Vacant
No Liars · The Cause And The Cure
London Lullabies
The I In Team · Fallen, Not Forgotten
Caved In
ViewMaster · Alternative Classics
Loans · Self Loaning
Voir Dire
Seven Nines and Tens · Habitat 67
Oh! Ellin
GOB · Foot in Mouth Disease
The Island
The Corps · Punkouver vol.1
1982 - (Western Canadian Disillusion Anthem)
The Greatest Sons · We'll Take The Road
Day By Day
Shockload · Punkouver vol.1
When We Get Older
Dead End Drive-In · B Movies
Complete Disaster
Off By An Inch · Demo
Wailing Paddle
Big D And The Kids Table · The Gipsy Hill