Russian Tim Show Episode November 9, 2017

Episode #249

10:04am - 11:02am

Hello Hello Hello!

First block features songs my 5 favorite release of the year to date. In no particular order Anti-Flag (Pittsburgh, PA, USA), Hi-Standard (Tokyo, Japan), The Dopamines (Cincinnati, OH, USA), Cock Sparrer (London, UK) and Frenzal Rhomb (Sydney, Australia).

In the second block I previewed Festerval and played tracks by Dwarves (San Francisco, CA, USA), Dead Kennedys (CA, USA), Fashionism, Sore Points (both Vancouver, BC, Canada), Diarrhea Planet (Nashville, TN, USA) and Dirty Fences (New York, NY, USA).

And they final block celebrates 6th Anniversary of Not Yer Buddy and I played track songs by 5 local bands who played that show - SoundCity Hooligans, The Staggers & Jaggs, Obscene Being, AntEater and Spring Breaks.

GRAZHDANSKAYA OBORONA - Pesnya Krasnoarmeitsa [Zvezdopad]
ANTI-FLAG - Liar [American Fall]
HI-STANDARD - Going Crazy [The Gift]
THE DOPAMINES - Business Papers [Tales of Interest]
COCK SPARRER - In My Town [Forever]
FRENZAL RHOMB - Messed Up [Hi-Vis High Tea]
DWARVES - Trailer Trash [The Dwarves Invented Rock & Roll]
DEAD KENNEDYS - Nazi Punks Fuck Off [In God We Trust, Inc.]
FASHIONISM - Breaking Out [Smash The State 7"]
SORE POINTS - Still Standing [Don’t Want To 7"]
DIARRHEA PLANET - Separations [I’m Rich Beyond Your Wildest Dreams]
DIRTY FENCES - All You Need Is A Number [Goodbye Love]
SOUNDCITY HOOLIGANS - This Generation [Live Loud]
THE STAGGERS & JAGGS - Down The Drain [The Staggers & Jaggs]
OBSCENE BEING - Litterbug [Rot and Decay]
ANTEATER - Jacks Hill [Punkouver, vol. 1]
SPRING BREAKS - Blew It [Time Wounds All Heals]
DAN VAPID AND THE CHEATS - Cold And Rainy Days [Two]

Track Listing:

Pesnya Krasnoarmeitsa
Grazhdanskaya Oborona · Zvezdopad
Anti-Flag · American Fall
Going Crazy
Hi-Standard · The Gift
Business Papers
The Dopamines · Tales Of Interest
In My Town
Cock Sparrer · Forever
Messed Up
Frenzal Rhomb · Hi-Vis High Tea
Trailer Trash
Dwarves · The Dwarves Invented Rock & Roll
Nazi Punks Fuck Off
Dead Kennedys · In God We Trust, Inc.
Breaking Out
Fashionism · Smash The State With Your Face
Still Standing
Sore Points · Don't Want To
Diarrhea Planet · I'm Rich Beyond Your Wildest Dreams
All You Need Is A Number
Dirty Fences · Goodbye Love
This Generation
SoundCity Hooligans · Live Loud
Down The Drain
The Staggers & Jaggs · The Staggers & Jaggs
Obscene Being · Rot And Decay EP
Jacks Hill
AntEater · Punkouver vol. 1
Blew It
Spring Breaks · Time Wounds All Heals
Cold And Rainy Days
Dan Vapid and The Cheats · Two