Russian Tim Show Episode October 19, 2017

Episode #246

9:59am - 10:53am

Hello Hello Hello!

First block features some great new hits which came out this year including songs by Anti-Flag (Pittsburgh, PA, USA), The Flatliners (Toronto, ON, Canada), The Menzingers (Philadelphia, PA, USA), Frenzal Rhomb (Sydney, Australia) and Worriers (Brooklyn, NY, USA).

There have been many great local and not so local shows in Vancouver recently and I’m having a really great time previewing those for the listeners. It promotes local music and gives listeners options on how to spend their weekend. So in this episode I promoted three local shows:

Corner Boys, Alimony, Jock Tears @ 333
ATD, The Gung Ho’s, Motorama @ Pub 340
The Brass Action, Kownterpoint, The Bottom Shelf Bourbon Trio @ LanaLous

THE CREEPSHOW - Grave Diggers [Sell Your Soul]
ANTI-FLAG - American Attraction [American Fall]
THE FLATLINERS - Infinite Wisdom [Inviting Light]
THE MENZINGERS - Midwestern States [After The Party]
FRENZAL RHOMB - Beer And A Shot [Hi-Vis High Tea]
WORRIERS - Gaslighter [Survival Pop]
CORNER BOYS - Joke (Of The Neighbourhood) [Demo]
ALIMONY - Atropos Of Nothing [Demo]
JOCK TEARS - super scar [Sassy Attitude]
ATD - 1000 Cuts [Waist + Tragedy EP]
THE GUNG HO’S - Unaffected
MOTORAMA - Rampage
THE BRASS ACTION - Wreckless [Wreckless (single)]
KOWNTERPOINT - Sensi City [Homegrown Sound EP]
THE BOTTOM SHELF TRIO - Someday [Already Gone]
STAR FUCKING HIPSTERS - Two Cups Of Tea [Until Were Dead]

Track Listing:

Grave Diggers
The Creepshow · Sell Your Soul
American Attraction
Anti-Flag · American Fall
Infinite Wisdom
The Flatliners · Inviting Light
Midwestern States
The Menzingers · After The Party
Beer And A Shot
Frenzal Rhomb · Hi-Vis High Tea
Worriers · Survival Pop
Joke (Of The Neighbourhood)
Corner Boys · Demo
Atropos Of Nothing
Alimony · Demo
Super Scar
Jock Tears · Sassy Attitude
1000 Cuts
ATD · Waist + Tragedy EP
The Gung Ho's · The Gung Ho's
MOTORAMA · Found On Road Dead
The Brass Action · Wreckless (Single)
Sensi City
Kownterpoint · Homegrown Sound EP
The Bottom Shelf Bourbon Trio · Already Gone
Two Cups Of Tea
Star Fucking Hipsters · Until We're Dead