Russian Tim Show Episode October 12, 2017

Episode #245

10:05am - 10:58am

Hello Hello Hello!

My band Russian Tim and Pavel Bures played a wedding party with Green Day and blink-182 so I celebrated that.

And then I did two ticket giveaways to Sam Coffey & The Iron Lungs, The Ballantynes, Uptights, Pet Blessings @ Rickshaw and Worriers, Thin Lips, Shameover, Corner Boys @ Astoria.

THE DREADNOUGHTS - Foreign Skies [Foreign Skies]
RUSSIAN TIM AND PAVEL BURES - Alkogolik [Punkouver, vol. 1]
THE MENZINGERS - Waiting (Originally by Green Day) [Covers EP]
HONEYWAGON - The Rock Show [Grass Stains: A Bluegrass Tribute To Blink 182]
SAM COFFEY & THE IRON LUNGS - Judy [Sam Coffey & The Iron Lungs]
THE BALLANTYNES - My Place Your Town [Dark Drives, Life Signs]
UPTIGHTS - Edge of the Earth [Time + Space]
PET BLESSINGS - Passive [Demo]
WORRIERS - Not Your Type [Survival Pop]
THIN LIPS - Andy Weed [Riff Hard]
SHAMEOVER - Already Gone [Shameover Demo]
CORNER BOYS - Joke (Of The Neighbourhood) [Demo]
JESSE LEBOURDAIS - The Dirt [Grief Intensity Friendship]

Track Listing:

Foreign Skies
The Dreadnoughts · Foreign Skies
Russin Tim and Pavel Bures · Punkouver vol.1
Waiting (Originally by Green Day)
The Menzingers · Covers EP
The Rock Show
Honeywagon · Grass Stains
Sam Coffey and the Iron Lungs · Sam Coffey and the Iron Lungs
My Place Your Town
The Ballantynes · Dark Drives, Life Signs
Edge of the Earth
Uptights · Time + Space
Pet Blessings · Demo
Not Your Type
Worriers · Survival Pop
Andy Weed
Thin Lips · Riff Hard
Already Gone
Shameover · Shameover Demo
Joke (Of The Neighbourhood)
Corner Boys · Demo
The Dirt
Jesse LeBourdais · Grief Intensity Friendship