Russian Tim Show Episode September 28, 2017

Episode #243

10:03am - 11:02am

Hello Hello Hello!

First block features new hits by Hard Girls (San Jose, CA, USA), Rozwell Kid (West Virginia, WV, USA), Iron Chic (Long Island, NY, USA), Worriers (Brooklyn, NY, USA) and Screaming Females (New Brunswick, NJ, USA).

And I previewed two shows: Ellesmere, Contra Code, Loser Points, Modern Terror show at SBC and Johnny & the Tit Whistles, War Amp and Fu Kon Riots at SBC же and BA Johnston, Uptights, The Invasives at Pat’s Pub.

P.S. The sound quality of this episode isn’t the greatest. Something happened at the station, but I won’t be able to tell you as I was too lazy to read a long email thread about it. But therefore this episode sounds as it sounds.

VOODOO GLOW SKULLS - Delinquent Song [The Band Geek Mafia]
HARD GIRLS - Puddle of Bludd [Floating Now]
ROZWELL KID - Wendy’s Trash Can [Precious Art]
IRON CHIC - My Best Friend (Is A Nihilist) [You Can’t Stay Here]
WORRIERS - The Possibility [Survival Pop]
SCREAMING FEMALES - Black Moon [Black Moon 7’’]
ELLESMERE - This Time We Ride [Bail City]
CONTRA CODE - Pickabar [Wasted Already]
LOSER POINTS - Machismo [Buncha Bangers]
MODERN TERROR - Let America Burn [Disturbing The Peace EP]
JOHNNY AND THE TIT WHISTLES - Derp Song [3rd Time’s a Charm]
FU KON RIOTS - Take a shit [We Did It]
WAR AMP - She Scares The Hell Outta Me [War Amp EP]
BA JOHNSTON - Donair Sauce [Grmlnz, Vol. 3: Donairs After Midnight]
UPTIGHTS - Edge of the Earth [Time + Space]
INVASIVES - After Midnight [Desk Job At Castle Dracula]
AGENT ORANGE - Bloodstains [Living In Darkness]

Track Listing:

Delinquent Song
Voodoo Glow Skulls · Band Geek Mafia
Puddle of Blood
Hard Girls · Floating Now
Wendy's Trash Can
Rozwell Kid · Precious Art
My Best Friend (Is A Nihilist)
Iron Chic · You Can't Stay Here
The Possibility
Worriers · Survival Pop
Black Moon
Screaming Females · Black Moon 7''
This Time We Ride
Ellesmere · Bail City
Contra Code · Wasted Already
Loser Points · Buncha Bangers
Let America Burn
Modern Terror · Disturbing The Peace EP
Derp Song
Johnny and the Tit Whistles · 3rd Times a Charm
Take a Shit
Fu Kon Riots · We Did It
She scares the hell outta me
War Amp · Dirt Weed Session, vol. 1
I Need Donair Sauce
B.A. Johnston · Gremlinz 3
Edge of the Earth
Uptights · Time + Space
After Midnight
Invasives · Desk Job At Castle Dracula
Bloodstains (Orignal Version)
Agent Orange · Living In Darkness