Russian Tim Show Episode August 31, 2017

Episode #239, Guest DJ Stu Ross (Comeback Kid, Daggermouth, Youth Decay)

10:02am - 11:02am

Hello Hello Hello!

This episode features my good buddy Stu Ross of Comeback Kid, Daggermouth and Youth Decay!

New Comeback Kid album is called “The Outsider” and it comes out on September 8th.

Stu played a couple of hits of that new album, told why CBK don’t play songs of Broadcasting live, broke the news that he was the first person in the world to hear new Propagandhi album, defended his acoustic performance and of course we talked NOFX. We also announced Christmas RAGER!

COMEBACK KID - Surrender Control [The Outsider]
COMEBACK KID - Somewhere, Somehow [The Outsider]
PROPAGANDHI - Failed Imagineer [Victory Lap]
RANCID - An Intimate Close Up Of A Street Punk Trouble Maker [Trouble Maker]
CULTURE ABUSE - Perfect Light [Spray Paint The Dog]
FACE TO FACE - Say What You Want [Protection]
GOOD RIDDANCE - Shit-talking Capitalists [Operation Phoenix]
GREEN DAY - Armatage Shanks [Insomniac]
BAPTISTS - Good Parenting [Baptists]
NOFX - The Malachi Crunch [Ribbed]

Track Listing:

Surrender Control
Comeback Kid · The Outsider
Somewhere, Somehow
Comeback Kid · The Outsider
Failed Imagineer
Propagandhi · Victory Lap
An Intimate Close Up Of A Street Punk Trouble Maker
Rancid · Trouble Maker
Perfect Light
Culture Abuse · Spray Paint The Dog
Say What You Want
Face To Face · Protection
Shit-talking Capitalists
Good Riddance · Operation Phoenix
Armatage Shanks
Green Day · Insomniac
Good Parenting
Baptists · Baptists
The Malachi Crunch
NOFX · Ribbed