Russian Tim Show Episode July 27, 2017

Episode #236

10:09am - 11:00am

Hello Hello Hello!

Finally, a normal episode of Rocket From Russia! Full of new punk rock music!

First block features new hits by Propagandhi, Comeback Kid (both Winnipeg, MB, Canada), Blood Command (Bergen, Norway) and Gnarwolves (Brighton, UK).

Second block is fast because it features new superhits by such bads as 88 Fingers Louie (Chicago, IL, USA), The Bombpops (Oceanside, CA, USA), Dizzy Sunfist (Osaka, Japan), Frenzal Rhomb (Sydney, Australia) and F.O.D. (Lier, Belgium).

And the final block features songs by three Canadian bands Mobina Galore (Winnipeg, MB), HighKicks (Calgary, AB), Heart Attack Kids (London, ON) which played a show in Vancouver and consist of just two members - very economical approach to band formation.

BRIXTON ROBBERS - June 22nd [Carved Livers]
PROPAGANDHI - Victory Lap [Victory Lap]
COMEBACK KID - Somewhere, Somehow [Outsider]
BLOOD COMMAND - Ctrl + Art + Delete [Cult Drugs]
GNARWOLVES - Argument [Outsiders]
88 FINGERS LOUIE - Catastrophe Awaits [Thank You For Being A Friend]
THE BOMBPOPS - I Can’t [Fear of Missing Out]
DIZZY SUNFIST - Joking [Dizzy Beats]
FRENZAL RHOMB - Sneeze Guard [Hi-Vis High Tea]
F.O.D. - 41 [Harvest]
MOBINA GALORE - Vancouver [Feeling Disconnected]
HIGHKICKS - Money [HighKicks]
HEART ATTACK KIDS - Eh Ok [Heart Attack Kids EP]
NO USE FOR A NAME - Not Your Savior [All the Best Songs]

Track Listing:

June 22nd
Brixton Robbers · Carved Livers
Victory Lap
Propagandhi · Victory Lap
Somewhere, Somehow
Comeback Kid · Outsider
Ctrl + Art + Delete
Blood Command · Cult Drugs
Gnarwolves · Outsiders
Catastrophe Awaits
88 Fingers Louie · Thank You For Being A Friend
I Can't
The Bombpops · Fear of Missing Out
Dizzy Sunfist · Dizzy Beats
Sneeze Guard
Frenzal Rhomb · Hi-Vis High Tea
F.O.D. · Harvest
Mobina Galore · Feeling Disconnected
HighKicks · HighKicks
Eh Ok
Heart Attack Kids · Heart Attack Kids
Not Your Savior
No Use For A Name · More Betterness!