Russian Tim Show Episode July 6, 2017

Episode #233

10:09am - 10:59am

Hello Hello Hello!

First block is full of great pop punk because it features new super hits by Teenage Bottlerocket (Laramie, WY, USA), The Priceduifkes (Belgium), Robot Bachelor (Springfield, IL, USA), F.O.D. (Lier, Belgium) and The Dopamines (Cincinnati, OH, USA).

Another preview of Rocket From Russia FEST and this time it features superhits by The Dead Hits, ATD, AntEater, Ellesmere and Skells.

And the final block is the preview of a show which featured songs by Shockload, Ignorados Comediantes, Off By An Inch and Shit Talkers who played a show at Pub340.

THE OFFSPRING - All I Want [Ixnay on the Hombre]
TEENAGE BOTTLEROCKET - Why The Big Pause [Stealing the Covers]
THE PRICEDUIFKES - 1:38 [Goathorse]
ROBOT BACHELOR - Oh Katie [The Third House Boat Album]
F.O.D. - Morally Blind [Harvest]
THE DOPAMINES - Heartbeaten by the Police [Tales of Interest]
THE DEAD HITS - Shallow [Demo]
ATD - At War [Bunk Monk EP]
ANTEATER - A Brand New And Better Tomorrow [In the Cheese (Demo)]
ELLESMERE - Forty Five [Bail City]
SKELLS - Welcome Mat [Welcome Mat EP]
SHOCKLOAD - Death Of The Middle Class [No Big d]
IGNORADOS COMEDIANTES - 99% Optimismo [Paralizados]
OFF BY AN INCH - Complete Disaster [2017 Teaser EP]
SHIT TALKERS - Ewwww [Talk Yourself Up]
MAD CADDIES - Drinking For 11 [Just One More]

Track Listing:

All I Want
The Offspring · Ixnay On The Hombre
Why The Big Pause
Teenage Bottlerocket · Stealing The Covers
The Priceduifkes · Goathorse
Oh Katie
Robot Bachelor · The Third House Boat Album
Morally Blind
F.O.D. · Harvest
Heartbroken By Police
The Dopamines · Tales Of Interest
The Dead Hits · Demo
At War
ATD · Bunk Monk EP
A Brand New And Better Tomorrow
AntEater · In the Cheese (Demo)
Forty Five
Ellesmere · Bail City
Welcome Mat
Skells · Welcome Mat
Death Of The Middle Class
Shockload · No Big d
99% Optimismo
Ignorados Comediantes · Paralizados
Complete Disaster
Off By An Inch · 2017 Teaser EP
Ewwww (scratch)
Shit Talkers · Demo
Drinking For 11
Mad Caddies · Just One More