Russian Tim Show Episode June 15, 2017

Episode #230, Interview with Off With Their Heads

10:01am - 11:11am

Hello Hello Hello!

Today on Rocket From Russia my interview with one my favourite people to talk to in punk rock - Ryan Young from Off With Their Heads.

We talked about their new acoustic album “Won’t Be Missed”, his friendship with Bill Stevenson, podcast Anxious and Angry, how Jon Snodgrass had to change his touring route and even a lyrics to a song, how Less Than Jake hated OWTH so much so they get Ryan drunk on Cement Mixer and how The Dopamines destroy green rooms and then blame it on Off With Their Heads. Its a good one. I recommend!

OFF WITH THEIR HEADS - Nightlife [Home]
Interview with Ryan (Off With Their Heads), part 1
OFF WITH THEIR HEADS - Clear the Air [Won’t Be Missed]
Interview with Ryan (Off With Their Heads), part 2
PEARS - Sycophant [Go To Prison]
CRUSADES - 1866 (Porch and Portal) [This is a Sickness and Sickness will End]
MORNING GLORY - Battle Song [Post War Psalms]
Interview with Ryan (Off With Their Heads), part 3
TOYS THAT KILL - They Tied Up All Our Lace [Shanked!]
Interview with Ryan (Off With Their Heads), part 4
THE DOPAMINES - The Glendora House [Expect The Worst]
OFF WITH THEIR HEADS - [Split 7’’ w/ Dear Landlord] Shambles
OUT OF CONTROL ARMY - Mi corazón encantado [El Ska No esta en extinción]
BONE DADDIES - Sinister City [Sinister City]
CAWAMA - Outta Sight [Sea Sick]
OFF WITH THEIR HEADS - Fuck This, I’m Out [From The Bottom]

Track Listing:

Off With Their Heads · Home
Clear the Air
Off With Their Heads · Won't Be Missed
PEARS · Go To Prison
1866 (Porch and Portal)
Crusades · This Is A Sickness And Sickness Will End
Battle Song
Morning Glory · Post War Psalms
They Tied Up All Our Lace
Toys That Kill · Shanked
The Glendora House
The Dopamines · Expect The Worst
Off With Their Heads · Split 7'' w/ Dear Landlord
Mi corazón encantado
Out Of Control Army · El Ska No esta en extinción
Sinister City
Bone Daddies · Sinister City
Outta Sight
Cawama · Sea Sick
Fuck This, I'm Out
Off With Their Heads · From The Bottom