Russian Tim Show Episode June 8, 2017

Episode #229

10:01am - 10:51am

Hello Hello Hello!

This first pop punk block is the best pop punk block I’ll play all year mainly because it has best tracks from new releases by The Dopamines (Cincinnati, OH, USA), The Priceduifkes (Belgium), The Lillingtons (Newcastle, WY, USA), Capital Youth (Geneva, Switzerland) and Isotopes (Vancouver, BC, Canada).

Then I previewed an acoustic show which featured Off With Their Heads, Fire Next Time and Jesse LeBourdais.

And then one more preview of a show which featured great locals Reds, The Greatest Sons, The Remedials.

GREEN DAY - Welcome To Paradise [Dookie]
THE DOPAMINES - Everybody Dies [Tales of Interest]
THE PRICEDUIFKES - It’s raining shit (Hallelujah) [Goathorse]
THE LILLINGTONS - Rubber Room [Project 313]
CAPITAL YOUTH - In A Maze [Lemonade]
ISOTOPES - Morganna [1994 World Series Champions]
OFF WITH THEIR HEADS - Clear the Air [Won’t Be Missed]
FIRE NEXT TIME - Prophets [Cold Hands]
JESSE LEBOURDAIS - Flames [New Album]
REDS - Underhill [Our Freedom Day]
THE GREATEST SONS - My Name Is Short [Play Through The Pain, Sing Through The Strain]
THE REMEDIALS - Cigarettes & Fellatio [The End Is Here]
AGAINST ME! - How Low [Searching For A Former Clarity]

Track Listing:

Welcome to Paradise
Green Day · Dookie
Everybody Dies
The Dopamines · Tales Of Interest
It's Raining Shit (Hallelujah)
The Priceduifkes · Goathorse
Rubber Room
The Lillingtons · Project 313
In A Maze
Capital Youth · Lemonade
Isotopes · 1994 World Series Champions
Clear The Air
Off With Their Heads · Won't Be Missed
Fire Next Time · Cold Hands
Jesse LeBourdais · New Album
REDS · Our Freedom Day
How Low
Against Me! · Searching for a Former Clarity