Russian Tim Show Episode May 18, 2017

Episode #226, Asian Heritage Punk Rock Special

11:06am - 12:00pm

Ni Hao Ni Hao Ni Hao!

This month we celebrate Asian Heritage at CiTR and our lovely Program Manager Madeline offered me to participate. I always gladly jump on those opportunities because I love international punk rock.

In this episode I played bands from Japan, South Korea, Israel, China, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates, Nepal, Singapore and Turkey.

THE PRISONER - Hyouryu Ginga [Rebel Train]
HI-STANDARD - Wait For The Sun [Growing Up]
CRYING NUT - Luxembourg [5집 - OK목장의 젖소]
NOT ON TOUR - Gut Feeling [Bad Habits]
LARRY’S PIZZA - Larry’s Pizza [Jackass]
DEAD ENDS - This World [Complaints]
TENHOLES - Warriors Crew [Loyalty]
NO MAN’S LAND - United Oi! [No Way Back Home]
ROOTS & BOOTS - Made In Malaysia [Young, Loud & Proud]
GANDHI’S COOKBOOK - Egotistical Game [Egotistical Game / War]
SQUIRT GUNS - Ma Naastik [Slide To Unlock]
DAILY RITUAL - You Represent Decay [Daily Ritual]
UGLY SHADOWS - Out Of Trash [Kids Of Tomorrow]

Track Listing:

Hyouryu Ginga
The Prisoner · Rebel Train
Wait For The Sun
Hi-Standard · Growing Up
Crying Nut · OK??? ??
Gut Feeling
Not On Tour · Bad Habits
Larry's Pizza
Larry's Pizza · Jackass
This World
Dead Ends · Complaints
Warriors Crew
Tenholes · Loyalty
United Oi!
No Man's Land · No Way Back Home
Made In Malaysia
Roots & Boots · Young, Loud & Proud
Egotistical Game
Gandhi's Cookbook · Under Construction split with Public Refuse
Ma Naastik
Squirt Guns · Slide To Unlock
You Represent Decay
Daily Ritual · Daily Ritual
Out Of Trash
Ugly Shadows · Kids Of Tomorrow
Me First And The Gimme Gimmes · Sing in Japanese