Russian Tim Show Episode April 20, 2017

Episode #222

11:02am - 11:55am

Hello Hello Hello!

Finally! A new block of pop punk music. It’s great mainly because it features new superhits by Isotopes (Vancouver, BC, Canada), Robot Bachelor (Springfield, IL, USA), The Dopamines (Cincinnati, OH, USA), The Bombpops (Oceanside, CA, USA) and Call It Off (Eindhoven, Netherlands).

In the second part of the show I told a story how great is my Granny. She is GREAT and I love her a lot. I also played hits by The Suicide Machines (Detroit, MI, USA), The Bennies (Melbourne, Australia), Left Alone (Wilmington, CA, USA), Goldfinger (Los Angeles, CA, USA) and NOFX (San Francisco, CA, USA).

And in the end of the show I did a ticket give away to a concert which featured Needles//Pins, Corner Boys (Vancouver, BC, Canada) and B.A. Johnston (Hamilton, ON, Canada).

JAWBREAKER - Save Your Generation [Dear You]
ISOTOPES - Psycho At The Sandlot [1994 World Series Champions]
ROBOT BACHELOR - I'd Rather Be Washing A Dog [The Third House Boat Album]
THE DOPAMINES - Ire [Tales of Interest]
THE BOMBPOPS - CA in July [Fear of Missing Out]
CALL IT OFF - In Denial [Abandoned]
THE SUICIDE MACHINES - Did You Ever Get A Feeling of Dread [A Match and Some Gasoline]
THE BENNIES - Better Off Dread [Better Off Dread]
LEFT ALONE - Sad Story [Left Alone]
GOLDFINGER - Get Up [Hello Destiny]
NOFX - Eat The Meek [So Long And Thanks For All The Shoes]
NEEDLES//PINS - Back To The Bright [Good Night, Tomorrow]
B.A. JOHNSTON - I Need Donair Sauce [Gremlinz 3]
CORNER BOYS - Joke (Of The Neighbourhood) [Demo]
AANTHEMS - Cops/Robbers [Die Every Night]

Track Listing:

Save Your Generation
Jawbreaker · Dear You
Psycho At The Sandlot
Isotopes · 1994 World Series Champions
I'd Rather Be Washing A Dog
Robot Bachelor · The Third House Boat Album
The Dopamines · Tales Of Interest
CA in July
The Bombpops · Fear of Missing Out
In Denial
Call It Off · Abandoned
Did You Ever Get A Feeling of Dread
The Suicide Machines · A Match And Some Gasoline
Better Off Dread
The Bennies · Better Off Dread
Sad Story
Left Alone · Left Alone
Get Up
Goldfinger · Hello Destiny
Eat The Meek
NOFX · So Long And Thanks For All The Shoes
Back To The Bright
Needles//Pins · Good Night, Tomorrow
I Need Donair Sauce
B.A. Johnston · Gremlinz III
Joke (Of The Neighbourhood)
Corner Boys · Demo
AANTHEMS · Die Every Night