Russian Tim Show Episode April 6, 2017

Episode #220, Song Premiere and Interview with The Dopamines

10:59am - 12:01pm

Hello Hello Hello!

First block features some great new hits by Call It Off (Eindhoven, Netherlands), The Bombpops (Oceanside, CA, USA), F.O.D. (Lier, Belgium) and Capital Youth (Geneva, Switzerland).

And then was the time for the big premiere. I really like The Dopamines so I was super stoked to present their new superhit “Common Rue” from their album “Tales Of Interest”. Jon Lewis of The Dopamines called in from a personal conference room and we talked about the process of recording this album, metal influences, how Jon’s passion for cars and auto junkyards resulted in the record cover, album release organization and of course NOFX.

“Tales Of Interest” comes out on Rad Girlfriend Records and after the premiere I played hits from their fresh releases by Crusades (Ottawa, ON, Canada), The Raging Nathans (Dayton, OH, USA), Capitalist Kids (Austin, TX, USA), Hospital Job (Springfield, IL, USA) and Wonk Unit (London, UK).

And in the end of the episode I did a ticket give away to a show which features four great local bands You Big Idiot, ATD, Modern Terror and Obscene Being who are playing at SBC tomorrow.

THE FLATLINERS - Nicotine Lips [Inviting Light]
CALL IT OFF - Death Or Glory [Abandoned]
THE BOMBPOPS - Sweet for Sorrow [Fear of Missing Out]
F.O.D. - Autism Spectrum Disorder Blues [Harvest]
CAPITAL YOUTH - Without You [Lemonade]
Interview with Jon Lewis (The Dopamines)
THE DOPAMINES - Common Rue [Tales of Interest]
CRUSADES - 1590 (Sickness Never Ceasing) [This is a Sickness and Sickness Will End]
THE RAGING NATHANS - Good For You [Split 7’’ w/ Wonk Unit]
CAPITALIST KIDS - Second To Morrissey [Split Seven Inch w/ Hospital Job]
HOSPITAL JOB - Hey Hey [Never Get Cold]
WONK UNIT - We Came Together [Split 7’’ w/ The Raging Nathans]
YOU BIG IDIOT - Empty Is The New Full [Happy Thoughts]
ATD - 1000 Cuts [Waist + Tragedy EP]
MODERN TERROR - Let’s Bomb The Neighbors [Disturbing The Peace EP]
OBSCENE BEING - Time [Hot and Ready EP]
INVASIVES - Perfect Man [Desk Job At Castle Dracula]

Track Listing:

Nicotine Lips
The Flatliners · Inviting Light
Death Or Glory
Call It Off · Abandoned
Sweet for Sorrow
The Bombpops · Fear of Missing Out
Autism Spectrum Disorder Blues
F.O.D. · Harvest
Without You
Capital Youth · Lemonade
Common Rue
The Dopamines · Tales Of Interest
1590 (Sickness Never Ceasing)
Crusades · This Is A Sickness And Sickness Will End
Good For You
The Raging Nathans · Split 7'' w/ Wonk Unit
Second To Morrissey
Capitalist Kids · Split 7'' w/ Hospital Job
Hey Hey
Hospital Job · Never Get Cold
We Came Together
Wonk Unit · Split 7'' w/ The Raging Nathans
Empty Is The New Full
You Big Idiot · Happy Thoughts
1000 Cuts
ATD · Waist + Tragedy EP
Let's Bomb The Neighbors
Modern Terror · Disturbing The Peace EP
Obscene Being · Hot and Ready EP
Perfect Man
Invasives · Desk Job At Castle Dracula