Russian Tim Show Episode March 30, 2017

Episode #219

11:07am - 11:58am

Privet Privet Privet!

This episode is great!

GOGOL BORDELLO - Wonderlust King [Super Taranta!]
TARAKANY! - Ya Ne Veru [Strah I Nenavist]
NAIV - Propaganda i Reklama [Rock'n Roll Mertv]
$MEX - Delai Gromche [Alkorider]
TRI 15 - Ne Stuchi [Vozdushnaya Trevoga]
TURNP-LAXX - Solnce [United Spirit Of Punk]
GVALT - Ne Ebet [Rubato]
F.P.G. - Noch [Gavnorok]
D.O.A. - Fucked Up Donald [Fucked Up Donald 7'']
CHILDSPLAY - Next Generation [Generation Automation]
WETT STILETTOS - Dance Monkey [Cartesian Cutt]
THE CORPS - Violet [In Brightest Day]
THE GREATEST SONS - Career Paths [Play Through The Pain, Sing Through The Strain]
ANTEATER - A Brand New And Better Tomorrow [In the Cheese (Demo)]
THE DOPAMINES - Business Papers [The Thing That Ate Larry Livermore]

Track Listing:

Wonderlust King
Gogol Bordello · Super Taranta!
Ya Ne Veru
Tarakany · Strah I Nenavist
Propaganda I Reklama
NAIV · Rock N'Roll Mertv
Delai Gromche
$MEX · Alkorider
Ne Stuchi
Tri15 · Vozdushnaya Trevoga
Turbo-Laxx · United Spirit Of Punk
Ne Ebet
GVALT · Rubato
FPG · Gavnorok
Fucked Up Donald
D.O.A. · Fucked Up Donald 7''
Next Generation
Childsplay · Generation Automation
Dance Monkey
Wett Stilettos · Cartesian Cutt
The Corps · In Brightest Day
Career Paths
The Greatest Sons · Play Through The Pain, Sing Through The Strain
A Brand New And Better Tomorrow
AntEater · In the Cheese (Demo)
Business Papers
The Dopamines · The Thing That Ate Larry Livermore