Russian Tim Show Episode March 16, 2017

Episode #217, Fundrive Special

10:34am - 12:03pm

Hello Hello Hello!

As usual for Fundrive I played requests by regular listeners and interviewed the most passionate CiTR listener Adam Ferris.

DIGGER - Money Changes Everything [Tattoo Broken Hearts EP]
WHITE LUNG - Snake Jaw [Deep Fantasy]
Interview with Adam Ferris
(Adam Ferris) THE ISOTOPES - Total Juicehead [Nuclear Strikezone]
(Adam Ferris) DAGGERMOUTH - Abracadabra Holmes [Turf Wars]
(Steve Carroll) OBSCENE BEING - Time [Hot and Ready EP]
(Sasha) JAWBREAKER - Do You Still Hate Me? [24 Hour Revenge Therapy]
(Keiran O'Gorman) AANTHEMS - Pound Pound Pound [Old Dogs]
(Oswaldo) LOS FURIOS - Una Más [Una Más]
(Ilya) TEQUILAJAZZZ ‎– Розенбом [Стреляли?]
(Max) D.O.A. - Fucked Up Donald [Fucked Up Donald 7’’]
THE PRISONER - Hyouryu Ginga [Rebel Train]
THE EVAPORATORS - I Hate Being Late When I’m Early [Busy Doing Nothing]
DEAD BARS - Always Bet On Clark [Dream Gig]
NEEDLES//PINS - Outa This Place [Shamebirds]
JESSE LEBOURDAIS - Welcome [Long Winter]
RAMONA - Creep by Radiohead [Sad Brunch]
THE DREADNOUGHTS - Sleep is For The Weak [Polka’s Not Dead]

Track Listing:

Money Changes Everything
Digger · Tattoo Broken Hearts EP
Snake Jaw
White Lung · Deep Fantasy
Isotopes · Nuclear Strikezone
Abracadabra Holmes
Daggermouth · Turf Wars
Obscene Being · Hot and Ready EP
Do You Still Hate Me?
Jawbreaker · 24 Hour Revenge Therapy
Pound Pound Pound
Una Más
Los Furios · Una Mas
Tequilajazzz · Strelyali?
Hyouryu Ginga
The Prisoner · Rebel Train
Hate Being Late
The Evaporatos · Busy Doing Nothing
Fucked Up Ronald
DOA · Fucked Up Ronald 7''
Always Bet On Clark
Dead Bars · Dream Gig
Outa This Place
Needles//Pins · Shamebirds
Jesse LeBourdais · Long Winter
Creep by Radiohead
Ramona · Sad Brunch
Polka's Not Dead
The Dreadnoughts · Sleep is For The Weak