Russian Tim Show Episode February 23, 2017

Episode #214

11:03am - 11:57am

Hello Hello Hello!

First block features really fresh superhits by The Flatliners (Toronto, ON, Canada), The Menzingers (Philadelphia, PA, USA), Nothington (San Francisco, CA, USA), Basement (Ipswich, UK), Mobina Galore (Winnipeg, MB, Canada) and The Smith Street Band (Melbourne, Australia).

And then I played song by Meatbodies (Los Angeles, CA, USA) and Dried Out (Vancouver, BC, Canada) who played a show at The Fortune Soundclub.

And the final block features good old hits by locals You Big Idiot, The Corps, Contra Code and Mooshy Face who played a show at LanaLou’s.

ALKALINE TRIO - Calling All Skeletons [Agony And Irony]
THE FLATLINERS - Human Party Trick [Inviting Light]
THE MENZINGERS - Bad Catholics [After The Party]
NOTHINGTON - Nothing But Beaches [In The End]
BASEMENT - Promise Everything [Promise Everything (deluxe edition)]
MOBINA GALORE - Going Out Alone [Feeling Disconnected]
THE SMITH STREET BAND - Birthdays [More Scared Of You Than You Are Of Me]
MEATBODIES - Disorder [Meatbodies]
DRIED OUT - Heartless [Dried Out]
YOU BIG IDIOT - New Westmonster [You Big Idiot]
THE CORPS - Vasili [In Brightest Day]
CONTRA CODE - Assaulted Peanuts [Sickrad]
MOOSHY FACE - Drinking A Beer [The Not Good Enough For The Album EP]
THE REAL MCKENZIES - The Night The Lights Went Out In Scotland [Oot & Aboot]

Track Listing:

Calling All Skeletons
Alkaline Trio · Agony & Irony
Human Party Trick
The Flatliners · Inviting Light
Bad Catholics
The Menzingers · After The Party
Nothing But Beaches
Nothington · In The End
Promise Everything
Basement · Promise Everything (deluxe edition)
Going Out Alone
Mobina Galore · Feeling Disconnected
The Smith Street Band · More Scared Of You Than You Are Of Me
Meatbodies · Meatbodies
Dried Out · Dried Out
New Westmonster
You Big Idiot · You Big Idiot EP
The Corps · In Brightest Day
Assaulted Peanuts
Contra Code · Sickrad
Drinking A Beer
Mooshy Face · The Not Good Enough For The Album EP
The Night The Lights Went Out In Scotland
The Real McKenzies · Oot & Aboot