Russian Tim Show Episode January 19, 2017

Episode #211

11:05am - 11:56am

Hello Hello Hello!

First block is too political, not really my favorite topic to converse about. But I let the bands speak out their opinions, they are way better at it than I am. This block features a massive international radio premiere of a song by a local band called Modern Terror + songs by D.O.A. (Vancouver, BC, Canada), Resistors (Brooklyn, NY, USA), Anti-Flag (Pittsburgh, PA, USA) and Green Day (Berkeley, CA, USA).

Second block is too heavy! Those four hardcore bands played a show together and therefore I played their songs - Comeback Kid (Winnipeg, MB, USA), World View, Your Problem (both Vancouver, BC, Canada) and Safe and Sound (Tacoma, WA, USA).

You Big Idiot, Inhuman Company and Weredogs played a show together so their songs were combined in the same block and played on Rocket From Russia by yours truly.

NOFX - Idiots Are Talking Over [The War On Errorism]
MODERN TERROR - Ronald McDonald Trump’s [Ronald McDonald Trump’s]
D.O.A. - Fucked Up Donald [Fucked Up Donald 7’’]
RESISTORS - This Blood’s for You [This Can’t End Well]
ANTI-FLAG - Death of a Nation (Live) [Live, Vol. 1]
GREEN DAY - Bang Bang [Live at AMA 2016]
COMEBACK KID - Wake The Dead [Wake The Dead]
WORLD VIEW - The Surface [Demo 2016]
YOUR PROBLEM - Points Been Missed [Your Problem]
SAFE AND SOUND - Drift [The Tides]
YOU BIG IDIOT - The Ted Danson Plane [Live From Soundcheck EP]
INHUMAN COMPANY - Connie Island Under Siege [EP]
WEREDOGS - Because of You [Demo]
PROPAGANDHI - A Speculative Fiction [Potemkin City Limits]

Track Listing:

Idiots Are Taking Over
NOFX · The War On Errorism
Ronald McDonald Trump's
Modern Terror · Demo
Fucked Up Donald
D.O.A. · Fucked Up Donald
This Blood's for You
Resistors · This Can't End Well
Death of a Nation (Live)
Anti-Flag · Live Vol. 1
Bang Bang (No TRUMP! No KKK! No FASCIST USA!!)
Green Day · 2016 American Music Awards
Wake The Dead
Comeback Kid · Wake the Dead
The Surface
World View · Demo 2016
Points Been Missed
Your Problem · Your Problem
Safe and Sound · The Tides
The Ted Danson Plane
You Big Idiot · Live From Soundcheck EP
Connie Island Under Siege
Inhuman Company · The Beauty of Electricity
Because Of You
Weredogs · Because Of You
A Speculative Fiction
Propagandhi · Potemkin City Limits