Russian Tim Show Episode January 5, 2017

Episode #209

11:07am - 12:02pm

Hello Hello Hello!

First block of 2017! I started with some brand new music and played new new songs by The Menzingers, Dave Hause (both from Philadelphia, PA, USA), AFI (Ukiah, CA, USA), The Bombpops (Oceanside, CA, USA) and The Fullblast (Oakville, ON, Canada).

Oh shit, second block is so exciting. I watched a documentary about Basque football and decided to played songs by bands from the Basque Country. It’s a very interesting region in Spain with it’s own history, language and great punk rock scene. I played superhits by great Basque bands such as Radiocrimen, B.C. Bombs (Bilbao), Kaotiko (Agurain), Orreaga 778 (Hernani) and Vendetta (Pamplona).

And the final block celebrates The Binz who decided for some weird reason to stop playing music and I’m not happy about that. I saw them for the first time on March 28th, 2013 when they played with Needles//Pins, B-Lines and Juvenile Hall at The Cobalt. So I played songs by all those great local bands. Dear Binz, thank you for great songs!

THE OFFSPIRNG - Smash [Smash]
THE MENZINGERS - Lookers [After The Party]
DAVE HAUSE - With You [Bury Me In Philly]
AFI - Dumb Kids [AFI (The Blood Album)]
THE BOMBPOPS - CA In July [Fear of Missing Out]
THE FULLBLAST - Redemption [Attack.Sustain.Decay]
RADIOCRIMEN - Mundo Basura [3er Grado]
KAOTIKO - La Vista Atrás [Sindicato del Crimen]
B.C. BOMBS - Puta Mentira [Let’s go Bombs!!!]
ORREAGA 778 - Aitari [Aske Izan Arte]
VENDETTA - Pao Pao Pao [Bother]
THE BINZ - Hale-Bopp [The Binz]
NEEDLES//PINS - Hale Bop [12:34]
B-LINES - Psychedelic High School [B-lines]
JUVENILE HALL - No Cops [Magazine Collage]
THE SMUGGLERS - Rosie [Rosie]

Track Listing:

The Offspring · Smash
The Menzingers · After The Party
With You
Dave Hause · Bury Me In Philly
Dumb Kids
AFI · AFI (The Blood Album)
CA In July
The Bombpops · Fear of Missing Out
The Fullblast · Attack.Sustain.Decay
La Vista Atrás
Kaotiko · Sindicato del Crimen
Puta Mentira
B.C. Bombs · Let's Go Bombs
Orreaga 778 · Aske Izan Arte
Pao Pao Pao
Vendetta · Bother
The Binz · The Binz EP
Hale Bop
Psychedelic High School
B-Lines · B-Lines
No Cops
Juvenile Hall · Magazine Collage
The Smugglers · Rosie