Russian Tim Show Episode December 29, 2016

Episode #208, Best of 2016

11:06am - 12:03pm

Hello Hello Hello!

This agenda behind this episode is simple - I played some of my favourite songs released in 2016. Not all of them, but some of them. It’s a really great selection of songs! Trust me or don’t. Happy 2017!

$MEX - Ix Radio [Importzameshenie]
MEAN JEANS - Long Dumb Road [Tight New Dimension]
TURKISH TECHNO - Dummy [Number Two]
CHIXDIGGIT! - Vancouver [2012]
DEAD TO ME - I Wanna Die in Los Angeles [I Wanna Die in Los Angeles]
DESCENDENTS - On Paper [Hypercaffium Spazzinate]
SASS DRAGONS - Will Not Move [True Adventure]
WONK UNIT - We Are the England [Mr Splashy]
SNUFF - Rue The Day [No Biting!]
GUTTERMOUTH - Freckles The Pony [Got It Made]
USELESS ID - Land of Idiocracy [State Is Burning]
AJJ - Cody’s Theme [The Bible 2]
???? ??????? - ?? ???? ????? [???????? ??????????]
PUP - If This Tour Doesn’t Kill You, I Will [The Dream is Over]
PUP - DVP [The Dream is Over]
NOFX - Six Years on Dope [First Ditch Effort]
NOFX - I’m a Transvest-lite [First Ditch Effort]
NOFX - I’m so Sorry Tony [First Ditch Effort]

Track Listing:

Ix Radio
$MEX · Importzameshenie
Long Dumb Road
Mean Jeans · Tight New Dimension
Turkish Techno · Number 2
Chixdiggit! · 2012
I Wanna Die In Los Angeles
Dead To Me · I Wanna Die In Los Angeles 7''
On Paper
Descendents · Hypercaffium Spazzinate
Will Not Move
Sass Dragons · True Adventure
We Are the England
Wonk Unit · Mr Splashy
Rue The Day
Snuff · No Biting!
Freckles The Pony
Guttermouth · Got It Made
Land of Idiocracy
Useless ID · State Is Burning
Angel Du$t · Rock The Fuck On Forever
Cody's Theme
AJJ · The Bible 2
Ne Tvoi Geroi
Teni Svobody · Evoluciya Oskorblyaet
If This Tour Doesn't Kill You, I Will
PUP · The Dream Is Over
PUP · The Dream Is Over
Six Years on Dope
NOFX · First Ditch Effort
I'm a Transvest-lite
NOFX · First Ditch Effort
I'm so Sorry Tony
NOFX · First Ditch Effort