Russian Tim Show Episode December 22, 2016

Episode #207, Best of 2016: Vancouver Edition

11:05am - 12:02pm

Hello Hello Hello!

In this episode I played all my favorite songs released by local bands in 2016. I’m in love with Vancouver local punk scene, we have truly great bands in this city. And this episode is a great confirmation of that!

THE GREATEST SONS - 22nd Street [Play Through The Pain, Sing Through The Strain]
SIGHTLINES - Hospital [North]
LOW LEVELS - Ultramarine [Low Levels]
SORE POINTS - Still Standing [Demo]
THE JOLTS - Microwave Kids [No Paradoxes]
THE EVAPORATORS - Eat to Win [Ogopogo Punk]
WISHKICKER - Housekeeping [Por Que, Y?]
CARPENTER - Sad Songs [Lifelines]
ANCHORESS - The Fuzz [Anchoress is Ruining My Life]
YOU BIG IDIOT - The Ted Danson Plane [Live From Soundcheck EP]
THE TARLEKS - Labour of Love [Season One]
SBDC - Wet Wipes [Future Ex-Wives]
PURA MANIA - Rey de Ratas [Cerebros Punk]
ALIEN BOYS - Gentrifriction [Self-Critical Theory]
MODERN TERROR - Let America Burn [Disturbing The Peace EP]
AANTHEMS - Mikey Mikey [Die Every Night]
THE CORPS - Pillar of Salt [In Blackest Night]
WHITE LUNG - Below [Paradise]

Track Listing:

22nd Street
The Greatest Sons · Play Through The Pain
Sightlines · North
Low Levels · Low Levels
Still Standing
Sore Points · Demo
Microwave Kids
The Jolts · No Paradoxes
Eat To Win
The Evaporators · Ogopogo Punk
Wishkicker · Por Que, Y?
Sad Songs
Carpenter · Lifelines
The Fuzz
Anchoress · Anchoress is Ruining My Life
The Ted Danson Plane
You Big Idiot · Live From Soundcheck
Labour of Love
The Tarleks · Season One
Wet Wipes
SBDC · Future Ex-Wives
Rey de Ratas
Pura Mania · Cerebros Punk
Alien Boys · Self?-?Critical Theory
Let America Burn
Modern Terror · Disturbing The Peace EP
Mikey Mikey
AANTHEMS · Die Every Night
Pillar of Salt
The Corps · In Blackest Night
White Lung · Paradise