Russian Tim Show Episode December 15, 2016

Episode #206

11:06am - 12:01pm

Hello Hello Hello!

This is a really great episode if you’re looking for some great new punk rock music to discover. First block features superhits by Sonic Avenues (Montreal, QC, Canada), Mean Jeans (Portland, OR, USA), toyGuitar (San Francisco, CA, USA), Steve Adamyk Band (Ottawa, ON, Canada), Sass Dragons (Chicago, IL, USA), Sore Points (Vancouver, BC, Canada) and Audacity (Fullerton, CA, USA).

Second block is great as well mainly because I played songs by those wonderful bands Western Settings (San Diego, CA, USA), Trophy Eyes (Newcastle, Australia), Dead Bars (Seattle, WA, USA), Captain Planet (Hamburg, Germany) and AANTHEMS (Vancouver, BC, Canada).

And the third block features some real punk rock legends Green Day, NOFX and Joey Cape…and I don’t need to tell you they are from.

BILLY TALENT - The Ex [Billy Talent]
SONIC AVENUES - Dead Faces [Disconnector]
MEAN JEANS - Last Nite on Earth [Tight New Dimension]
TOYGUITAR - Peach Fuzz [Move Like a Ghost]
STEVE ADAMYK BAND - Through My Fingers [Graceland]
SASS DRAGONS - Up The Nose [True Adventure]
SORE POINTS - Still Standing [Demo]
AUDACITY - Counting the Days [Hyper Vessels]
WESTERN SETTINGS - Wonderful Multiple Episodes [Old Pain EP]
TROPHY EYES - Nose Bleed [Chemical Miracle]
DEAD BARS - No Tattoos [Split 7’’ w/ The Tim Version]
CAPTAIN PLANET - St. Peter [Ein Ende]
AANTHEMS - Cops/Robbers [Die Every Night]
GREEN DAY - Troubled Times [Revolution Radio]
NOFX - I’m a Transvest-lite [First Ditch Effort]
JOEY CAPE - Obsolete Absolute [One Week]
SUM 41 - Pieces [Chuck]

Track Listing:

The Ex
Billy Talent · Billy Talent
Dead Faces
Sonic Avenues · Disconnector
Last Nite on Earth
Mean Jeans · Tight New Dimension
Peach Fuzz
toyGuitar · Move Like a Ghost
Through My Fingers
Steve Adamyk Band · Graceland
Up The Nose
Sass Dragons · True Adventure
Still Standing
Sore Points · Demo
Counting the Days
Audacity · Hyper Vessels
Old Pain
Western Settings · Wonderful Multiple Episodes
Nose Bleed
Trophy Eyes · Chemical Miracle
No Tattoos
Dead Bars · Split w/ The Tim Version
St. Peter
Captain Planet · Ein Ende
AANTHEMS · Die Every Night
Troubled Times
Green Day · Revolution Radio
I'm a Transvest-lite
NOFX · First Ditch Effort
Obsolete Absolute
Joey Cape · One Week Record
Sum 41 · Chuck