Russian Tim Show Episode December 8, 2016

Episode #205, Punk Rockers Are Real People Too with Colin (You Big Idiot)

11:05am - 11:56am

Hello Hello Hello!

This week we were audited by SOCAN, so I played tracks by people who I like so they can get paid something like 38 cents for this. First block features hits by The Flatliners (Toronto, ON, Canada), Direct Hit! (Milwaukee, WI, USA), Masked Intruder (Madison WI, USA), Chixdiggit! (Calgary, AB, Canada), Toys That Kill (San Pedro, CA, USA), toyGuitar (San Francisco, CA, USA) and Mikey Erg (Brooklyn, NY, USA).

“Punk Rockers Are Real People Too” is back! My favorite and the only irregular feature on Rocket From Russia. This time with Colin of You Big Idiot. Listen to find out where he buy groceries and what was his first email address. And I also played all five great bands which played Christmas RAGER.

THE DOPAMINES - Business Papers [The Thing That Ate Larry Livermore]
THE FLATLINERS - Carry The Banner [Cavalcade]
DIRECT HIT! - Werewolf Shame [Split 7" w/ Mixtapes]
MASKED INTRUDER - I Don’t Wanna Be Alone Tonight [Split 7" w/ The Turkletons]
CHIXDIGGIT! - Thursday Night [From Scene To Shining Scene]
TOYS THAT KILL - V-Chip [Fambly 42]
TOYGUITAR - Is It True [In This Mess]
MIKEY ERG - Comme Si About Me [Tentative Decisions]
Punk Rockers Are Real People Too with Colin (You Big Idiot)
YOU BIG IDIOT - Run Home Jack [Happy Thoughts]
CONTRA CODE - Snap Crackle [Wasted Already]
THE CORPS - Black Autumn [In Blackest Night]
THE GREATEST SONS - Turning Taps [Play Through The Pain, Sing Through The Strain]
AANTHEMS - Paper to Pen [Old Dogs]
GOOD RIDDANCE - Heresy, Hypocrisy, and Revenge [Operation Phoenix]

Track Listing:

Business Papers
The Dopamines · The Thing That Ate Larry Livermore
Carry The Banner
The Flatliners · Cavalcade
Werewolf Shame
Direct Hit! · Split 7'' w/ Mixtapes
I Don't Wanna Be Alone Tonight
Masked Intruder · Split 7'' w/ The Turkletons
Thursday Night
Chixdiggit! · From Scene To Shining Scene
Toys That Kill · Fambly 42
Is It True
toyGuitar · In This Mess
Comme Si About Me
Mikey Erg · Tentative Decisions
Run Home Jack
You Big Idiot · Happy Thoughts
Snap Crackle
Contra Code · Wasted Already
Black Autumn
The Corps · In Blackest Night
Turning Taps
The Greatest Sons · Play Through The Pain, Sing Through The Strain
Paper to Pen
Heresy, Hypocrisy, and Revenge
Good Riddance · Operation Phoenix
Total Juicehead
Isotopes · Nuclear Strikezone
Drop It
Needles//Pins · 12:34