Russian Tim Show Episode November 17, 2016

Episode #202

11:06am - 12:00pm

Hello Hello Hello!

First block is quite pacey because it features new radiohits by CMEX (Istra, Russia), Useless ID (Tel Aviv, Israel), PEARS (New Orleans, LA), Belvedere (Calgary, AB, Canada) and Angel Du$t (Maryland, MD, USA).

Second block is of course slower, you can’t play so much fast music on Rocket From Russia. That block opens with another hit by Jeff Rosenstock (Brooklyn, NY, USA) from his new album “Worry.” released by SideOneDummy Records. Then a song from another SideOneDummy release “The Bible 2? by AJJ (Phoenix, AZ, USA). Carpenter (Vancouver, BC, Canada) are back with a new record and “Cody” by Joyce Manor (Torrance, CA, USA) is a good album as well, I liked it way more than I expected to. And the final track of this block is a new single by The Smith Street Band (Melbourne, Autralia). Here’s the video with Smithies Moms which I talked about on air. Their new album will be also released on SideOneDummy. Guess which record label could’ve been a sponsor of this episode?

And the final block features track by PUP (Toronto, ON, Canada), Meat Wave (Chicago, IL, USA) and Chastity (Whitby, ON, Canada).

LAGWAGON - Falling Apart [Blaze]
CMEX - ?? ????? [????????????????]
USELESS ID - Genetic [State Is Burning]
PEARS - Hinged by Spine [Green Star]
BELVEDERE - Transmissions [The Revenge Of The Fifth]
ANGEL DU$T - Toxic Boombox [Rock The Fuck On Forever]
JEFF ROSENSTOCK - Wave Goodnight To Me [Worry.]
AJJ - Goodbye, Oh Goodbye [The Bible 2]
CARPENTER - Songs On The Stereo [Lifelines]
JOYCE MANOR - Last You Heard Of Me [Cody]
THE SMITH STREET BAND - Death to the Lads [Death to the Lads]
PUP - Sleep in the Heat [The Dream is Over]
MEAT WAVE - Cosmic Zoo [Delusion Moon]
CHASTITY - You’re Scary Now [Demo]
BILLY TALENT - Fallen Leaves [Billy Talent II]

Track Listing:

Falling Apart
Lagwagon · Blaze
Ih Radio
$MEX · Importzameshenie
Useless ID · State Is Burning
Hinged by Spine
PEARS · Green Star
Belvedere · The Revenge of the Fifth
Safe Together
Dragged In · EP I
Toxic Boombox
Angel Du$t · Rock The Fuck On Forever
Wave Goodnight To Me
Jeff Rosenstock · Worry.
Goodbye, Oh Goodbye
AJJ · The Bible 2
Songs On The Stereo
Carpenter · Lifelines
Last You Heard Of Me
Joyce Manor · Cody
Death to the Lads
The Smith Street Band · Death to the Lads
Sleep in the Heat
PUP · The Dream Is Over
Cosmic Zoo
Meat Wave · Delusion Moon
You're Scary Now
Chastity · Demo
Fallen Leaves
Billy Talent · Billy Talent II