Russian Tim Show Episode November 10, 2016

Episode #201

11:07am - 11:56am

Hello Hello Hello!

First block features new hits by Wonk Unit (London, UK), Dead To Me, toyGuitar, Culture Abuse (all from San Francisco, CA, USA), Dark Thoughts (Philadelphia, PA, USA) and Sass Dragons (Chicago, IL, USA).

Second block features bands which will be playing my Christmas RAGER on December 10th at The Media Club. To be precise, the show will feature 5 (five!) great (great!!) local punk bands - The Greatest Sons, Contra Code, You Big Idiot, The Corps and Aanthems.

And in the end of the episode I did a ticket give away to see Belvedere, Contra Code and Jesse LeBourdais.

DWARVES - Everybodies Girl [The Dwarves Are Young and Good Looking]
WONK UNIT - Je M'Appelle Alex [Mr Splashy]
DEAD TO ME - Tune It Out [I Wanna Die in Los Angeles]
CULTURE ABUSE - Dream On [Peach]
TOYGUITAR - Swan [Move Like a Ghost]
DARK THOUGHTS - Nothin To Do [Dark Thoughts]
SASS DRAGONS - Got To Move [True Adventure ]
THE GREATEST SONS - 1982 (Western Canadian Disillusion Anthem) [We’ll Take The Road]
CONTRA CODE - Slay Them All [Sickrad]
YOU BIG IDIOT - Empty Is The New Full [Happy Thoughts]
THE CORPS - Pillar of Salt [In Blackest Night]
AANTHEMS - Mikey Mikey [Die Every Night]
BELVEDERE - Shipwreck [The Revenge Of The Fifth]
JESSE LEBOURDAIS - Breathing In/Out [Long Winter]
THE MENZINGERS - The Obituaries [On The Impossible Past]

Track Listing:

Everybodies Girl
Dwarves · The Dwarves Are Young and Good Looking
Je M'Appelle Alex
Wonk Unit · Mr Splashy
Tune It Out
Dead To Me · I Wanna Die In Los Angeles 7''
Dream On
Culture Abuse · Peach
toyGuitar · Move Like a Ghost
Nothin To Do
Dark Thoughts · Dark Thoughts
Got To Move
Sass Dragons · True Adventure
1982 (Western Canadian Disillusion Anthem)
The Greatest Sons · We'll Take The Road EP
Slay Them All
Contra Code · Sickrad
Empty Is The New Full
You Big Idiot · Happy Thoughts
Pillar of Salt
The Corps · In Blackest Night
Mikey Mikey
Aanthems · Die Every Night
Belvedere · The Revenge of the Fifth
Breathing In/Out
Jesse LeBourdais · Long Winter
The Obituaries
The Menzingers · On the Impossible Past